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Raquel holds a BSc (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture from the University of Westminster (2010) and is a practitioner of Korean Hand Therapy and Meridian Stretch Massage. This has enabled Raquel to deliver a unique form of holistic treatment that views each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. The patient is encouraged to be engaged in the treatment plan which not only helps the patient feel in control of their own health and wellbeing, it educates them on the importance of preventative medicine.

Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) or "Soojichim" theorizes that the hands are a micro-cosmos of the body. By stimulating specific points on the hands, through acupuncture or massage you can resolve pain and balance internal organ function. KHT offers a range of non-invasive methods where press pellets, magnets, moxa, or massage with rollers or probes are used on appropriate. Hence, being a practical solution for those who are unable to undress for a full acupuncture body treatment due to mobility problems such as the elderly and disabled.

Meridian Stretch Massage, a traditional Chinese Acupressure Massage is another unique and highly effective form of treatment that is available which works on the whole body to relax and energize through meridian stretch and uses gentle finger & palm pressure on the meridians.
Free 15 min consultations are available by phone or at the clinic and home therapy treatments are available for patients who suffer from mobility issues.

Anna graduated from the London School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine in 1996. She finished her studies by working in the Kunming City Hospital, China, broadening her Acupuncture skills and in Tuina (Chinese Massage).

Anna has studied Qi Gong since 1993. This is a form of exercise similar to Tai Chi, stimulating specific channels and working certain muscles while calming the mind and body.

Anna's approach is a gentle one, aiming to work with the patient and together discuss the treatment and realistic lines of action.

Free 15 min consultations are available by phone or in person in which you are welcome to ask any questions about Acupuncture or Chinese massage and the treatments available.